Wednesday, December 14, 2005


World of Warcraft movies from #Nogg-aholic
Nogg-aholic the Movie by Dopefish and Forg (Duration 45:22, 693 mb)
Exploration the Movie by Dopefish (Duration 26:22, 355 mb)
Exploration by Dopefish (Duration 06:57, 68 mb)
Exploration Remake by Pathologist (Duration 06:56, 103 mb)
Unknown III by Pathologist (Duration 08:51, 130 mb)
Exploration Mysterious WoW by Picakill (Duration 24:16, 326 mb)
Shreep's World by Shreep (Duration 14:13, 78 mb)
Fly into Exploration by Geek33 and mmazing (Duration 16:51, 255 mb)
Linkar Exploration by Linkar (Duration 19:00, 236 mb)
World of Bugcraft 1.9 by Karliky (Duration 16:20, 264 mb)
Exploration Unlimited 2 by Thraxx (Duration 24:42, 441 mb)
Beyond the Portals by Cryect (Duration 13:00, 156 mb)
World of Bugcraft 1.9 Version 2.0 by Karliky (Duration 22:03, 179 mb)
Exploration: Unlimited 2 by Thraxx (Duration 24:42, 441 mb)

Hidden Deadmines by Russorc (Duration 04:08, 26 mb)
Eredar Exploration Uncut by Sacerdos (01:39:00, 666 mb)
The Long Climb Uncut by Forg (Duration 07:30, 144 mb)
The Way to Hyjal by Forg (Duration 03:04, 55 mb)
House Above the Waterfalls (Duration 08:03, 34 mb)
Exploration after 1.9 by Mads Lund (Duration 10:07, 148 mb)

Nogg-aholic Preview by Dopefish (Duration 02:33, 37 mb)
Beyond the Walls 2 Preview by Tsuda (Duration 01:10, 16 mb)
Chuck Norris Preview by Geek33 (Duration 00:42, 11 mb)

Eredar Exploration OST
Linkar Exploration OST
Nogg-aholic and Exploration OST (torrent)

Other movies
Half-Life Speedrun by Dopefish (Duration 51:09, 650 mb)
The Dopefish Lives! by Dopefish (19 mb)
Megaman II Speedrun by Pathologist (46 mb)
NetQuake Overclocked 2 by The Beast (95 mb)
Best of SC2C by Jet (159 mb)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should put up the exploration mysterious wow movie soundtrack up on here also it was pretty good

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Said and done :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm a big fan of all of u and i was wondering if u guys had a public server of your own were u do these things...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your movies... I've seen "Exploration" and loved it. Right now i'm downloading "Exploration Mysterious WoW". For some reasons i couldn't download Noggaholic, but i guess I'll try again.

You see I love such movies because they show me that World of Warcraft is more! And you show un things that will come and I'm really curios about that zones.

Keep up! Good Work!
(even blizz says its not...)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blizz are evil. Nerfing fun :<

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pica Thanks so much for posting the soundtrack to Mysterious WoW, i loved the music so much! many thanks, and once again awesome video, all of you here at Nogg, very impressive.

Blogger degonite said...

Im curious 2 Becuase there is no way thro the Dark Portals I tryied jumping ontop running around it trying it while dead. Unless your own server with all the new places uploaded to it, Or tell us how to get into the Portals befor teh big Nurf =) <3.
BTW yeah you guys are great =P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah you guys are great. loved all your movies. when exploration the movie first came out that got me into wall walking, since then i cant stop. before i downloaded your vid on how to get to hyjal i tried finding a way there from felwood which was somewhat successful, got high up, but then i watched your vid and that was a much easier way. btw whats the song you play in the hyjal movie?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok well this page ROCKS Dopefish ´n Forg FTW.. cya in Azeroth....well at least Forg ( COME BACK DOPE!!!!!!!) :P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

k so ive been trying to get a sucesful link to dl Exploration teh Movie and so far havent found one, if anyone knows on e email me at

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tried right clicking and choosed save as on Exploration the Movie?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there a bittorent for Exploration Mysterious WoW cause id really like to see it but my download speeds are slow cause of my loctaion and internet

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is the ''Tools'' :O ??

BTW Marry Xmas

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you send em again , plz?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, so it seems i can give the link so ill just give a hint, this page is called downloads.html cos it has downloads, the other one is tools... figure the URL yourself, no tthat hard :)

P.S. if this is illegal too, then say atleast why :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ýour ''Hint'' wasn't so good , didn't understand xD.

This site have always the adress for me :/ .

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aha... hehe thank for the hint , now i know :).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dopefish , can you say how to use these ''skins'' in the real game? :).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does one join the quakenet channel?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will miss wallwalking...;4379676;;/fileinfo.html

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More Megaman 2 speed runs!

Oh, and you seem to shoot awfully fast in a couple of them. Is that you mashing the button ridiculously fast, or do you have a "turbo" button set up for you?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Download my film :P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys man.. how did any of this come about? what drove you all to explore.. not that that is an issue.. but i mean it's just absolutley insane what things there are waiting for us. please, figure out a way to get past the 1.9 nerf or i think i just might quit.. this patch killed a huge part of the game for me..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dopefish! Its me Morten:D you know, i got you on MSN and stuff:) big fan* GJ on all your movies,but realy i want you to know some bugs i found myself, like walking under RFD,WSG,Gurubashi Arena,ZG and stuff. Also found out myself, how to climb up on Gurubashi arena, and that started on Sunstrider server then i started on deathwing, only took about 1 week and all on the server, even the alliance knows it now:p hehe. damn they removed mountain climbing, now its no meaning of playing wow:(
think im going to quit this shitty game anyways. c'ya:) gl with your studdies!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo! :P
You guys are the best!!! I've never seen things like in the "fly into exploration" or "exploration" before!
I've heard alot about "tools" here...
Could you please send me an little link or sumthing, it would be like the coolest thing ever! :D

oh and here's the adress;

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of a Edit:

I forgot to ask if you could add the OST from the "exploration" movie?
Skulle vara AS GRYMMT!!!
oops... wrong lang :S

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The half-life speedrun was pretty cool, really gave me nostalgy vibes. But was it really all that fun to mountain climb in hl? I kinda started to laugh when u climbed past that whole level, think it's called power up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

U should add the soundtrack for
"exploration the movie 2 (final)"
some damn good music in that one.
plz do !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! As someone said before, the soundtrack to Picakill's Exploration Mysterious is terrific, but the link isn't working. If you could provide another source, that'd be awesome.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really Nice Woot! ^^ Continue Making Movies Ur all great thats a really good work.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG... all those things like Illidan ad emerald dream are already inside game content on a regular server?? i just can't wait untill you make a movie walking on Northrend... or Naxxramas...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're making cool movies :-) But, some of places are captured with WoW map viewer, the other one can be found by teleportation. If you have a pirate server, it's possible to visit Black Morass, Developer's Isle etc. without map viewer. Or just use hacks on Official.
Outland shown in some of the movies is just early version, avaible to see by hack/pirate/wow-map-view. Sth looking like Outlandish is the texture near Deadmines instance.
The 'Illidan' is not the real hero! It's an early version of Demon Hunter, that would be in Outland or just Demon form from Demon Hunter Hero Class, that I hope they'll invent ;-) 'd love to be demon hunter...
Part of screens is taken from WoW Alpha, free for all, with bugs, old graphic, with wallwalking and some instances that doesn't exist today. It's nice to look at them nowadays.
The only thing I'd like to ask Nogg-aholic... What's model number of Demon Hunter model??
And what's model number of Glave_1h_DualBlade_R and _L???
Really want to see them on my char :) Looking a bit like Illidan with his warglaives, that model can't be found on thottbot/allakhazam.
And lastly, the most amazing are not-known items like Andarian. How the Chuck did you find it?!
Amazing skills ^^
Glad to see answer on WarGlaives and Demon Hunter's model...
GL in real life, Dopefish

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this site ^^
Maybe update some of the tutorials, since they dont work after 1.9?
And maybe add that troll village tutorial that was on the forums?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a question to aholic team..
what program do you guys use to drive offline version of World of Warcraft i'm interrestet becouse that i want to make a film..
maybe you guys could give me a link or a name just something i can use thx ;D
(i have allready tryed a program named emu.. bla bla bla..)

Blogger Manic said...

Just wondering if you have a public server, i think i got the noggaholic crew potential :p

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone get on the torrent to upload the Nogg-aholic and Exploration OST?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so can you guys update what is still doable in patch 1.11? i tried the Deadmines one but it didnt work, i think they nerfed blinking thru portals, they also nerfed model switching big time and i cant figure out how to do that anymore either =(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is the name of the song used in your Quake movie: The Dopefish Lives?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you put up the songs from 'imperium to darnassus' I love that first one where they are killing Tyrande. I think you made that video, right?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a really big fan and I loved all of the movies!! Just one thing, it would be fantastic if you put the music from Exploration : Mysterious wow, Especially the one when you go into Ironforge! Pleease

Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy jingbells batman!

pathologist made an excellent movie from aphextwin musics.
completly amaz0ring.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you upload Exploration the Movie to a mirror that works plz?

love ur work:D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is exploration dead? =(. It seems like there's no more new movies, and the links to the soundtracks are gone.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you post The Last Wall Walk soundtrack on here or let me know where i can find it please =D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats the Emu patch you're using on the private servers? and where can I get it?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dope.. There is no seeders for your OST any more :(. REALY trying to find "When things go wrong - airwave" :/ no luck for months.. Hope it'll be up with more servers someday.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey karliky ;D its me Mathias.. we have been talking on MSN and stuff :( sucks that Nogg-aholic is going down.. i still got some extra material tough mwhahaha

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They never needed to use an EMU Server numpty, its all done with editing the landscape in other programs and using them in WoW thats how its all possible, oh and changing flight path nodes to go to different places.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've followed in the footsteps of the true masters of wall climbing for a long time... i never knew what realm you guys played on.. but now i feel i have missed out on the legacy...

if there is anyway i can join in. feel free to send mail to my level one named 'Noggenflight' on Shattered Hand (EU) or Digimortall, my main on Mazrigos.

best Regards Digi / Bloodthought

Blogger Gosova said...

in Nogg-aholic the movie what dopefish weapon was he carrying?

Blogger Gosova said...

i wanted to know 2 years ago

Blogger Gosova said...

I love WOW cus there is Secret places in it srsly but when u descover them u will be bored from wow.i discovered alot of explorations my self in WOW but i really when i discovered everything i starget hating wow,i continued until season 3 then i left the game

Blogger Gosova said...

anonymous that wasnt the demon hunter :P its lothelas the blind u can find him on CCS in the outlands CCs is an instance

Blogger Gosova said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Gosova said...

Dopefish dina filmer är utmärkt, och jag skulle vilja veta vad som är din e-post

Anonymous Victoria said...

:( all the links are broken
If it's not much of a hassle, could you reupload some of them?

Blogger Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay.... in noggahollic you have illidans this was 2004 or something like and my friend have watched this video about 89475634897 times in awe everytime.


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