Friday, December 30, 2005

The last wall walking event

Last wall walking event is set on 2nd January 2006!

EU Server:
Moonglade (RP)
Time: 19:00 Swedish/French time (GMT +1)
18:00 Greenwich/London time (GMT +0)
Race: Gnomes
Name: Something with "zor" in it

US Server: Silver hand (RP)
Time: 13:00 Indiana EST (GMT -5)
10:00 Tijuana Pacific Time (GMT -8)
Race: Gnomes
Name: Something with "zor" in it

  • Gnome starting point
  • Ironforge airport
  • Menethill farm
  • Theramore
  • East mountain of Orgrimmar
  • The Great Sea UNUSED
  • Thrall's throne room
  • Zepelin to Undercity
  • Shadowfang Keep not instanced
  • Inside Dalaran
  • Behind Greymane wall
  • Ruins of Lordaeron
  • Zepelin to Grom'gol
  • Waterfalls south of Zul Gurub
They can cut our wings but we'll always remember what it was like to fly...

picakill is dopefish love monkey


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this will be the greatest event ever! Oh boy Oh boy i can't wait!!:D

Anonymous Sirenacht said...

Oh boy oh boy! Gonna participate for sure!

=) Inside Dalaran O_o..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how the fuck do you want to get there (zul gurub) and stuff like that with a lvl 1 char? you'll die immediatly if you run through strangle with lvl 1 Oo

Anonymous Sirenacht said...

Well, we probably got dope with us so NP, mountain path ftw xD

Anonymous UberZombie said...

Will Dope/ any of the Noggaholic Crew be attending both server parthehs?

Blogger Akumi said...

T.T FUCK YOU BLIZZARD! <3 <3 <3 Wall walking... i will miss it alot..

Anonymous Axlx said...

:\ Damn Im gona miss wall walking somuch. BTW take me to outlands :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aww dang I'm going to miss it!


Blogger Akumi said...

For security and privacy reasons, the account has been temporarily disabled.

Now my account is gone...

Anonymous Dezzan said...

Hm , The Dope-Crew , cant you say now how to come to Outlands and Emerland Dream , and stuff?? Want to be there one time...

Anonymous Axlx said...

Outlands is a fear bug. Emerald Dream you need a GM Port so gota use an EMU server. I just cant figure out where to be feared on the boat in STV for outlands. They fixed the zep fear thing i belive. I dont know if its for the boat or not.

Anonymous Picakill said...

Hello! I wanted to say that everything is possible on live server. And zep fear bug is not fixed. Works fine. Thanks to Geek now we can do all the things we never imagined are possible. Thx my friend:D

Anonymous Axlx said...

Haha!! Awsome. Gona go try it now
Btw I love your movie

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nogg-aholic team... You rule! <3
I am gonna participate to the EU server event for sure :)
Looking forward to it ^^ So, do we just need to wait at the gnome starting point with our "zor" charecters? :P

Anonymous Axlx said...

oh btw where are thouse 2 floating sword like things in your movies? Is that just put in the EMU server or do they actually exist? Is so where, i have looked but cant find them yet.

Anonymous Skalis said...

Do you have to be like über on wall walking to enter the event? o_O, see, I have never wall walked before, and I'd like to try it before it goes away...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah they are in the game.. I just dont know where but it is not a hack or anything.. my friend showed me when I had just started... all I remember is that they are next to infernals... there is also that stone to.. BTW the infernals are around lvl 30 becuase my friends troll mage was around 30 x.x


Anonymous Axlx said...

>< Do i need slowfall for the zep? I keep on getting pulled back to the zep too. Im useing a lvl 8 warlock horde, my friend is useing a lvl 8 Alliance warlock. Im guessing i need a 60s fear so i can get far enough away from the zep?

Anonymous Dezzan said...

I cant imagine how Dopefish found all these cool places . O.O

Yes , i think u neees slowfall Axlx

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn i missed going by 2 days ; ;

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol picakill is dopefish love monkey

Anonymous Bartolomeo said...

why was it last? this should just be the beginning of a new era


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