Wednesday, December 14, 2005



Blogger degonite said...

I wanted to ask befor blizzards Nurfs the shat out of wallwalking and explioitng in patch 1.9
HOW DO YOU GET INTO THE EMERALD DREAM ITS THE ONLY PLACE I HAVNT BEEN, <3 I'll love you long time in tram if you do =).

Blogger degonite said...

Edit if you cant say it on the boards then email me =) <3

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are nutz! how do you find these places like behind Deadmines?! Keep up the great work.


PS: I like the website alots :)

Anonymous Weezel said...

Great site, love the screenies! <3

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOW!!!! HOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just walk and let u fall down somewhere or check some buggy places like corners and so on! so u'll find some interesting places..... have fun before 1.9 comes

Blogger degonite said...

How do you get into Portals for instance Dark Portal to Outlands or is this done a Pirvate Server witht the Instnances updated to go thro even tho there is not mobs just Graphics and ect.

Anonymous Chao said...

How the hell do you get to those bunch of Dark Portals? Azshara, right? cuz ive been looking around for the past hour...

Anonymous Chao said...

... nvm ^^

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that you guys... you just own!! OWN I TELL YA!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you put up ALL the tools for download that you guys use for changing models and textures? I really enjoy changing many of them in the game but some things i just cant get to work right. You have screenshots of many things that you have changed that i would like to try or have tried and failed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

doh! you did put more tools up thx :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello, i wanna know where the city of portals that undead was walking in the screenshot and how did u go there?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're just more than normal player... From first REAL Outland screens [Burning Crus. Draenor], including awsm wallwalking, discovering places that require genius to get in, and WTF uber-looking items. Just loved your movies :) Keep discovering and placing it on the site, giving common players chance to see how wallwalking's great. Just one question, how is it possible to wield dual blade glaves like on Nogg-Aholic The Movie on a normal realm? Greetins.

Anonymous Alfa said...

I have some interesting input and questions concerning wallwalking in general...
Dopefish or Forg please shoot me an email at

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK i still wanna know the portals city.can u mail me?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just watched 3 of ur movies: fucking good! all that wallwalking, outlands, the emerald dream was so cool! plz if u can mail me @ :) i want some information about wallwalking (i have never done it :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ITS CALLED CHANGEING THE MPQ'S...its imposible to get to the Emerald Dream. Outlands/GM island.. yes.. they are on a map, ED is on a map.. but an instence.. there is no way you can go through an instence. and everything els.. MPQ's. <3

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive been to a place that probably none of you have been to... its called emerald forest...(its not emerald dream)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you tell me your secrets? and the guy/girl who said the thing about the emeral forest, can you tell me how even though patch 1.9 is tomorrow or close:

i also found a way to get out of the instance while instanced: email me for questions

Anonymous Dezzan said...

Anonymous said...
Have you put up ALL the tools for download that you guys use for changing models and textures? I really enjoy changing many of them in the game but some things i just cant get to work right. You have screenshots of many things that you have changed that i would like to try or have tried and failed.

How can you change a models??? send me a email , and tell how , plz? :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ehh.... I have tried to register on the Forum page... but when I press Submit, I get the the same message every time; "You must fill in the required fields."

This is even when I put something in all the fields!

What should I do?

Anonymous Anonymous said...


for more information

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey...can u tell me how to modle switch??

reach me at

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to that pic of the legendary staff? Could you email it to me?

Thank you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how du you get there??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

w00t i see some screenshots with people from my server

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, can i get an e-mail at for info on reaching the IF with bridges across above buildings, the panda guy, the great sea unused, the round table place,the dragon named unstoppable, the statue of liberty, the ghost town and that huge tower on right third row down. They look awesome and i have never heard of them. I would like to visit plants *i assume its emerald dream/forest* and GM island so if anyone could contact me with info on those places also that would be great,

Anonymous Arinon said...

This is the best movie in the HISTORY ! God it was soo amazing, after i had seen it once the first day, i had to continue watch it for another 10 times. 3 words is all i have to say... THIS MOVIE ROCKS !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh! patch 1.11, cant glitch, need help! Drunkencow on Gilneas US whipser me and help me figure out how to glitch in 1.11 soon to be 1.12! :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

really congratulations for your achieves, while I'm sorry but I have to blame the general elitist attitude I've found, I give you credit for your discovers but I can't understand why not conceding help to a young wannabe explorer

Anonymous Bryen said...

You guys r Great!!! Plz show us how u do this stuff!

Anonymous Astragalos said...

Hey i was banned from the Nogg-aholic forums for no reason.....

Blogger Astragalos said...

come on please tell me...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

em do you really think they would tell you all of there secrets? true i would like to no how to go up and down on wallwalking but i dont realy think they would tell u that

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Modelchanging ey? Keep up the good work. Anyone visiting this site who is currently trying to crack the file CharStartOutfit.dbc. Where is the file telling wow how many rows there are suppose to be in this file? Feel free to give me a mail.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

RIP Nogg-aholic


Anonymous Fergie said...

Too bad they nerfed Noggz alot now in 2.0.3 but still i'll try to get to places :p

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth to me is: I have been a big explorer, I have been everywhere you can think of...ED, Outland, DM/VC exploit, Edge of game, GM island and ALL that real account eventualy got a 3day suspention and scared me out of using main to explore.
Now I watch other people like noggs explore cas I get the good part out of it with no risk =)

-Sooner or later you'll realize there's a difference from knowing the path...And walking the path.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah damn. WoW is nothing like it used to be.

/Hellstone, 29 January, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Hellstone

You're damn right - oh how i miss the old days of exploring for days on end.

/Brinzel, 18 May, 2010.

Blogger boshi said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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