Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why WoW is a bad game, reason #1

Everything is looking the same



Level 60 Rogues

Even the places look the same




Red Ridge

Old Tauren Mill

Tauren Mill


Western Plaguelands

Eastern Plaguelands





Anonymous Anonymous said...


You think this game is bad because you need to LEARN TO PLAY

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree about everything looking the same. Especially the hundreds of little caves that all have the exact same layout with slightly different texturing, found in all starting areas and then anywhere else you're told to go into a cave. I guess at least that way you know where to find quest items even if you've never been before.

However there is nice variety in different armour. Maybe not for rogues, but hey, all ninjas look the same; wear black, don't get seen. It's simple logic. But as far as other classes go, there's a wide range. My gnome warlock has gear that makes him look like some dark explorer, some look like they're part demons, and some look like priests (mainly due to bad item choice on the player's part). However when you're creating your character, there's very little choice. You can choose skin colour and different facial texture (though they are either all extremely similar, like male dwarves, or horrifically ugly faces with one bearable face, like female dwarves), but all the faces have the same mesh, so a black man will look like a dirty white man due to no alteration in the difference of facial shape to fit with different races (races as in humans in real life, not races as in "human", "night elf", "gnome"). That is one of my main faults with WoW; character creation. I understand that it will help with lower end machines to just view simpler models, but surely a graphics option could be there where lower end machines can have all models very simple and based on the same mesh, but higher end machines can have variable facial and scale properties on their characters. After all, EverQuest 2 manages it quite well, even if not as well as I would have hoped... but then you'd need something like a more advanced Sims 2 setup for character creation, and that's getting a bit over the top for an MMO.

But enough of my rambling, I should feel ashamed of myself for putting a coherent point across, I'm sure it would have been much more helpful of me to just say "GAY GAY FAG NUT LEARN TO PLAY", but I couldn't quite bring myself to do it.

Good points on WoW, though. I take it that you do like the game, but you're just showing how it could be better, is that right?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you dont like the game quit. /simple

Blogger Akumi said...

Agreed to the max. This is the major problem with World of Warcraft.

I feel seeing the same dagron over and over again just makes me feel like "Wait didn't we just kill this guy not 10 mins ago???"

v_v they should really ad more rare spawns and named mobs! :D

One thing i didn't see in this!


mounts are always some crappy ass looking one and wait.... EVERYONE ELSE ALREADY HAS IT!!! as much as they you spend on them you should have a little "dividuality" instead of looking so plan and smiple

Blogger Akumi said...

Also, Alot of houses are the same in Gated communitys. You know? the same color and nearly the same style....

Blogger TaS said...

i agree i dont think blizzard took the time to make the design on the different buildings they just changed the color and textures.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad but true.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, these people have some issues
"just quit" what a dipshit...

Now I'll try not to be one of those folks that hates against you w/o reading any of the reasons why, and having no idea what you have experienced, I'll be the smart one here and just nod...

You are 100% correct, but you didn't stress the worse part of the game... It's sheer stupidity... allow me to add my own little novel here (you can read it if you like :P)

WoW was one of my most anticipated games that was going to come up, every day I looked at the site and waited for new content; as I saw abrupt changes in the system (like changing tauren's running ability to kodo), I began to see a repetition... when I started to play the game, all I got was bland quests, and the best way to level is to Grind the same damn creature over.. and over again... this disgusted me so much that I wanted to decapatate Mike Morhaime and decicrate his body by lighting it on fire... I quit, and ended up returning the following year (2005) in fall.

I got to 60 with my UD Warlock, and I was further disgusted. Along with the long lag (thanks to the lack of instancing the areas like cities that CAUSE the lag) and the long rides to get to places, and the pointless hours of grinding for gear, just to be able to grind for better gear, then rinse... repeat... for months and months until you can't upgrade no more, and you can sit around in Org/IF laughing at noobs or selling your account...

The simplicity of the quests and the repetition of instances/grinding... are the only 2 ways of leveling, or getting anywhere in this shit-hole called World of Warcraft, you can't do anything adventurous, or envolving... you disgust me Blizzard.

And in conclusion, you guys are my fucking heroes, your ability to break Blizzard's rules, the more you piss off Blizzard... and I envy that.
(my AOL Instant Messanger screename is: xD3ntex if you play CoH/CoV now :P)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guyz are lifeless little kids... if you dont like the game simply quit dont bitch like fucking little babies... grow the fuck up? gf gg.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a very good reason things look the same, the same textures & model are reused and why there are only a handful of cave designs and so on.


Loading unique textures & models eats memory like nothing else. Blizzard wants the game to be playable on computers that aren't top of the line. Therefore, if you can duplicate the models & textures as much as possible you lower the memory constraints. This also has the effect of lowering the video RAM requirements.

You can complain about the aesthetics all you want but the reason is technical.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont forget the dungeon 1 and 2 sets.

They are too lazy to even make new graphics for a half-assed set. I'm sure they had some cutting room floor models that didn't make if for the raiders armor they could have used.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There's a very good reason things look the same, the same textures & model are reused and why there are only a handful of cave designs and so on.


CoH/CoV look a lot better and they don't lag as much as WoW... not to mention the best character creation I have yet to see in any game.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've worked in the mmorpg game industry and I've played just about every mmo since Ultima Online and Meridian 59.

WoW is the best. (Eve Online also rocks)

If you think there is another mmorpg that will entertain you as much, you're deluding yourselves. Feel free to go to Vanguard (LOL) or EverQuest 2 (LOL) or how about Guild Wars (LOL). See my point?

Your bitching is baseless and annoying, not insightful or interesting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I've played every MMO since Multiplayer Battletech and Gemstone, so much more qualified than you to make a statement, and it is:

WoW sucks.

Enough said.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WoW is the worst MMO ever created. A reatarded 5 year old could be given a lvl 60 and he would be just as succesful as someone playing from game launch.

Blizzard should be destroyed as a company for single handedly destroying the core game mechanics and intergrity of the MMO market.

Anyone that enjoys WoW should be dragged out and shot so they are never allowed to reproduce (not that theres a good chance of that happening) and lower the standards of the human mind anymore then it already is.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who knows how old this thread is but I'll throw on my comments. I've played MMO's since Shadows of Yserbius on Sierra Online back in '92 on a 2400 baud modem, so I'm very very qualified in making a judgement.

WoW is a great game up to level 60. It's still fun then but It gets very bland unless you get into the right guild. I played wow for a year, quit, and then came back 5 months later and having fun again. The game is easy, but also enjoyable to a point where it's comfortable and not stressing.

I'm not a fanboy, and I agree that Blizzard will run into alot of problems if the x-pac fails to deliver mid-level and end game content for the casual player.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note that it's Tarren Mill not Tauren Mill you incompetent little shit.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lololol your are very noobs lololol

It normal,completely normal you dont understand anything about the game??

go play another mmorpg,it the same thing exactly the same for all game=(

Shit!!nogg it not cool,nogg it a wack team really....i never see dat lololol

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nogg man, stop thinking WoW is a bad game, you just haven't took the expirience to lvl b/c youve benn glitching your whole game life, real stupid wat ur doin

Blogger deserteagle said...

You're seriously an idiot...If you had any idea how WoW really came about and what it's actually would realize why almost everything looks the same and why places that have added content are here now...that's because they weren't FINISHED you moron. Hence, the phrase "added content", they added quests and npcs to these incomplete places...Jesus, you might want to think about making a webpage about a game that you think sucks before you actually post a not even 32 MB script and some pics.

The World of warcraft game had a prehistory and in this prehistory the game was a strategy...and what do you see in strategy games?? Characters and builds that look ALIKE, no shit dumb-ass. So, once again, think before you go off on how you think a game sucks, lol you might REALLY might want to make a new and at least slightly intelligent #1 reason about why WoW sucks.

Blogger deserteagle said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger deserteagle said...

Also, dragon is a species...species tend to look the same and the three dragons you put on tops of the others have different faces...yay for brain cells.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Concerning buildings looking the same, recall that in the Warcraft RTS series (those that played it) all buildings of the same type were identical. It is the nature of the people in the game - and of people everywhere - to use the same styles repeatedly.

As for top-level characters looking identical, that is because as soon as the most efficient armour set is known, people will aim to get it. You can easily look different, but for that extra 2% ownage people will go for the cookie cutters. The only possible solutions for this are slightly randomising the appearance of armour (or making it customisable) or having multiple sets for the same class that are perfectly balanced.

As for creatures, well, it saves a lot of modelling to create new ones. Though having two or three different models for each species would be interesting, and a good direction to go in.

Yes, I am aware that this page may well be months old. Oh well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know You were my god Dopefish, lol, k well I'm from US servers, an yeah, how in the hell would I go about gettin on Euro server :D lol..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is something you should all think about(mostly the people that are complaining) is a game to play and enjoy for lesuire time, or, for some people, a serious thing (activity) that is one thing. A game. Why make all this drama over a game? If this is all you guys do with you day(discredit and whine about video games) you need to stop playing games altogether and get a real life. Get a girlfriend, and, hey!, make a real effort and get a job! It doesn't really seem right that you should discredit something that other people ( lots im thinking) enjoy when if they dissed something that you liked, you would get all defensive about that! You're really just bored, lonely hippocrites that seriously need to get a life...And if you dont like something, thats cool too, but dont try to ruin it for other people. I have no clue what "WoW" is, but why dont you leave it alone and do something meaningful with you lives! So you like "CoH'(???) better than this WoW! Cool! Then why do you have to diss this!? Just do what you want to!

Peace out

Blaze Jackson

Anonymous Anonymous said...

\"you guyz are lifeless little kids... if you dont like the game simply quit dont bitch like fucking little babies... grow the fuck up? gf gg.....\"

Well well whos acting like a little kid now? If you dont like the ideas they are presenting here then get the fuck off the shit then. Or maybe you just angry that its true? Don\'t want to accept it?

I completly agree the game is reptative. Even in teir 1 on most servers you dont really stand out because everyone already has it. But perhaps it will get better in the coming expansion. Guess we will see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Everything is the same. And guess what, why not think about this: Warcraft Three Frozen Throne is made in early-mid 2003... World of warcraft is released November 2004, But the Beta was released before that, and the Alpha released before that. Blizzard didnt have much time to make everything different, its hard making a huge mmorpg... You should know just by exploring MyWarcraftStudio, this stuff is Serious business! But they also could have released it later and changed stuff up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny that the game sucks so bad that you care enough to post long novels about how much you hate the game. Addicted gameaholics on withdrawal.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see you have never played another MMORPG because if you don't know about prefab dungeons and town/buildings by now you surely are clueless. Having such a land mass you can't possibly make everything unique or the resource load would make your PC fall to it's knee's

Other mmorpgs get around this by having zones and such

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He DID quit. Right after they nerfed wall walking. There's still ways to explore though, so I hope he comes back in the expansion.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop complaining and make a better game

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i kinda agree.
blizz may put a little bit more time in new models..
(well, patch 2.0.1 has arrived, so it's quite extended)
especially the bosses.
u forgot Ragnaros & thunderaan
also the same, when they die, both of the guys drop their weapons in the ground.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Nogg your right.. Everything is looking the same.
Blizz should make a unique model for all NPCs, buildings and characters in the game.
It doesn't matter how much the game would take up of space.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha first question. do you know how big this game is?
second question. do you know how much effort is already put into wow? is completely unreasonable to expect 100% uniqueness in a game of this magnitude. just begin to imagine how hard it would be to even do one major location and realize how small of an area that actually is. there is enough uniqueness to this game that unless you are actually running the same thing all day, there is enough variance elsewhere. good day

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read through the 8 reasins and have come to a couple of comclusions.

Firstly, whether or not I agree with you (in some cases I do, wholeheartedly, in others I don't, I think it is rather interesting that you put so much effort forth in explaining why you dislike the game. The level of detail that went into the quest complaint particularly intrigued me. Why do you devote so much time to this?

The second item I realized is the number of people that post, "U don't like it quit!" It strikes me as humorously ironic that they would spend so much time reading your posts just to harrass you about it. Simple suggestion to those folks, if you don't like what he has to say, quit reading! That sword swings both ways folks.

About your reasons however, I do agree about the similarity in the terrain to some extent. However, I believe it would be difficult, if not impossible, to make each structure unique. I rather enjoy the fact that structures have some uniformity, because it reminds me of the earlier games. I loved seeing the elven magic academy in Silvermoon City, because it looks exactly like the structure in WC3.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason WoW is so shit in terms of everyone looking the same and so much stuff being repetitive is that
a) blizzard just want money and dang well they got it.
b) the whole fucking game is written in universal binary which is THE most terrible form of programming shit and they just layered on the UI made with .lua to make it look nice.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok just wondering if anyone noticed but the it is the same building just different textures put on so they are the same but the actual buildings have been pasted on as on one pic it didn't fit the background at all I know that alot of the buildings don't go with backgrounds from experience in playing around those areas as my main eveling areas so suck this nogg

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, all of them look alike. That may be true. But you go try to model, texture, and color hundreds of different areas in all different ways. Tilesets are used in all large games you can't just spend years making everything completely different. And blizzard actually didn't do TOO bad at that, remember all of the enemy types i.e. gnoll, murloc, dragon, dragonling, fish, thresher, shark, earth elementals, fire elementals, water elementals, root elementals (?), fuzzy spiders, non-fuzzy spiders, thorny spiders, boars, all kinds of cats, owls, vultures, etc. I've only named maybe 1/3 of them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe the buildings are the same to find them faster, instead of asking everybody for directions to where the f'king inn is. :-?? besides that , i agree with you

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just stop pointing out the bad in the game!!!If u point out the bad in the game,it's a bad game.If you point out the bad in your life, it will be a bad life!! so stop complaining and go play a little rated E baby game. (and play nicely)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont think u have even played WoW b4!If u point out the bad in the game, it will be a bad game!If you point out the bad in life, you will have a bad life!!!so do u want to see wow as a bad game (unlike me)or have a bad life!?!? it's totally up to u.
just stop complaining like a baby and live a somewhat happy life!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the people that are "WTF, you are gay, you probably haven't even played it." Are more than likely 15 year olds with no lifes. Grow up children. He's pointing out FACTS! Like it or not there is alot of copy and paste, with stlight color changes ALL THROUGH OUT THE GAME.

Also, if you don't like his opinion, THEN DON'T F@##ING READ IT! Go jack off in your mom's basement and return to your computer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't true. Most of the screenshots above are photoshopped. One is staged.

The internals of buildings do get reused, but this just saves our time... who wants to learn how the inside of every inn is set up? :P I like it this way.

And dragons, clothes, etc., actually look significantly different. Sure if you look at 500+ items or mobs you'll find 3-4 that are similar, but only if you go out of your way to look for it, and then who cares? In actual gameplay, you don't see so many of the same thing one after another.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WoW is GREAT game

Anonymous Anonymous said...

totally agree! no individuality in this game!! nothing is unique!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

stfu asshole get a life instead of playing every single day an asshole game wow IS a bad game !!!

Blogger Gosova said...

BTW dopefish know alot of things in this game But when he entered emerald dream or outlands and designer isle that should be in a private server cus no way to enter those zones in real server and he is best exploiter ever but he was on a private server wasnt he?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep it's a shit, crap, garbage, boring game that only appeals to children who have the minds of violent apes

Blogger Gosova said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Gosova said...

What are you anonymous?

Blogger Gosova said...

dopefish still visit this website?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Youve got to be kidding me? Do you have any idea of the resources it would take to make unique models and textures for every item and character in the game? Not just in terms of artists, but in terms of data storage, servers side and on your own computer. Not to mention bandwidth issues.

If you live in or near the suburbs, go drive around almost any neighborhood and tell me you don't see the same house 10 times over.

Seriously do some research and get some perspective on WHY things are the way theya re before you complain about how you think they should be.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think all who hate game shud stop playing and find a game that SUITS them not telll other ppl the game they like isnt worth playing sure its repetive but its a good game and if you spent your time trying to find things that looked the same you have waaaay to much spare time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eve Online
That game doesn't hold your hand from beginning to end. Also, no instanced pvp :D 500 people fighting at once over conquestable space?! fuck yeah I want some of that.
WoW died when blizz took a dump on open world pvp and core game mechanics.

Internet spaceshipz r serious business guys. Play a game that takes real skill.
Nuff said.

Anonymous game said...

owever there is nice variety in different armour. Maybe not for rogues, but hey, all ninjas look the same; wear black, don't get seen. It's simple logic. But as far as other classes go, there's a wide range. My gnome warlock has gear that makes him look like some dark explorer, some look like they're part demons, and some look like priests (mainly due to bad item choice on the player's part). However when you're creating your character, there's very little choice. You can choose skin colour and different facial texture (though they are either all extremely similar, like male dwarves, or horrifically ugly faces with one bearable face, like female dwarves), but all the faces have the same mesh, so a black man will look like a dirty white man due to no alteration in the difference of facial shape to fit with different races (races as in humans in real life, not races as in "human", "night elf", "gnome"). That is one of my main faults with WoW; character creation. I understand that it will help with lower end machines to just view simpler models, but surely a graphics option could be there where lower end machines can have all models very simple and based on the same mesh, but higher end machines can have variable facial and scale properties on their characters. After all, EverQuest 2 manages it quite well, even if not as well as I would have hoped... but then you'd need something like a more advanced Sims 2 setup for character creation, and that's getting a bit over the top for an MMO.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow is still thee best Online RPG made.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with the game is the American inbred little bastards that play it, Wow is a perfect example as to How Americans are the most ignorant(and yes I mean it in the real sense of the word)Assholes in the world. These little bastards think its cool to butcher the English language, and call others names,such as Nigger,Faggot and retard,(as you can tell by some of the remarks on here. And Blizzard being an American company encourages little Americans to be cool and feel free to Make all kinds of Threats to others. The Chat channels in this game I believe are one of the reasons so many young americans take guns to school. This company and this game should be banned and the folks that run Blizzard should be put in jail for encouraging such behavior in young americans.

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