Friday, February 03, 2006

Why WoW is a bad game, reason #4

Linear gameplay

Rogue level 1-60

There's no real choices in WoW, everything is predefined. You'll be going from point A (starting zone) in the game to point B (level 60 grand marshal). The gameplay is designed for players to stay at one place and grind until you gain enough experience and proceed to the next place and repeat the procedure. You'll be doing instances in a specific order or they'll be either too high level or too low level for you to be in. From Deadmines to Ahn'Quiraj, from point A to point B.

Whenever you gain a level, your stats is automaticly adjusted. You don't get a choice to put +3 on agility and keep strength and stamina neutral. This will make all players of the same level to have the same base stats, and is one of the reasons that players can't be unique. After level 9 you'll start to get 'talent points', or rather one point at the time, which let you spend them in specific talent trees. Most often, in the end it will still only be like two choices for each class on how to spend their talent points.

The game allows you to grind mobs solo to gain experience, but that is both repetitive and boring. To be able to get hold of the high end content of the game, you must join a guild. There's no real choice here, because if you don't join a guild you have to get real lucky and hope for some guild to let you join them temporarily when they set out to clear a dungeon.

Professions isn't a real choice either, because they are often class based. If you're a hunter or a rogue, there's a 90% chance that you'll choose skinning and leatherworking as your first professions. If you're a plate wearing class it's most likely for you to choose mining and blacksmithing. Cloth wearers have herbalism and alchemy or tailoring and enchanting as their prefeered professions. After you've gained level 60 and relized that everyone else have the same professions as you, and knows the same recipes (if not even better ones), you'll most likely change your professions to mining and engineering.

The quest you recieves are always one option wise, and don't leave you any decision making to exploit your cunningness. It's always kill the specified mob X number of times, and you don't get a choice to either do so or not complete the quest. You'll never be a evil or a good character, because you'll never get to make the choice of your actions. Because of this, players will become distant from their own avatars, and they won't actually be roleplaying, they will only be controlling the game character.

There's no real choices in the game, and you'll be going from point A to point B, no matter how hard you try to stand out or be unique among thousands of others, just like you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again 100% agreed. That's really very sad. No character customization, no cloth or weapon customization, most highlevels look the same and have similar talent-builds. Even Diablo let you choose your attributes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horribly true all this... I like the game very much but seening no difference between playing with my lvl 54 mage and my lvl 17 hunter, I lose interest every day in chaining all the quests until the lvl 60. Oh the levelcap is gonna be raised to 70 ? great... 10 lvls of monotony added.

Blogger TaS said...

Ok i agree about the armor or weapon customization... but! about if you put all you stats on agility... your crit% would be pretty high. If 20 agility = 1% crit that means taht if you get 3 points every level thats 177 for 59 levels + rogues start with 26 so thats 203 + the items give you even more agility and that can get to a pretty high crit%.
Yes if they change some stuff it would be fun to chose you own stats but what if you mess up and you dont put your stats the way its best?
I think they should make it so you can change the colors of your items and chose for them how to look. Personaly I really don't like some of the sets and how their colors are.
I'm not sure what hey will do with talent trees but if they add 10 more points when the expansion comes out that means that you can go all the way down on 2 talent trees which would be very stupid.
I think too don't like how the quests are or that you don't get to chose a side. I think you should be able to join for exanple the Burning Blade, or choose your side if you want to be horde or alliance with w/e race. Choosing your own path would make wow alot more fun.
when you get to 60 and you get your tir2 set... what then? The story pretty much ends you can't become evil and for exsaple kill arthas and become the lich king.
Blizzard needs to make alot of different events like alliance army attacking org and you see thrall with his army there defending. What if you kill thrall? it would be cool to get his hammer and use it.
personaly i think that BGs messed up the fun of raiding cities because because of BGs now you see less and less major city raids. What i dont get is why when your in a group and you kill a civi everyone in your group gets a DK, its your chose to kill them or not.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is are some choices you can make. You can be 'evil' and kill goblins to become friendly with pirates. I'm sure you already know of this but thought I'd point it out. Seeing how it's not really a choice because it ruins alot of gameplay and you get almost nothing for it. (Oh joy, a Pirate hat!)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your an idiot. If people could choose where to put there stats, then the classes would be so unbalanced against each other and the world. And, you make a contradiction, you say its pretty much defined what you must do, but if you could choose to post stats anywhere then rogues and hunters would always put all stats in agility, and there DPS would be enough to solo bosses, while mages, warlocks, and priests, whose damage isnt dependant on stats, would not come close to comparing. Think out your thoughts before you say shit like this.

And to everyone else who posts here, learn some fucking english.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Play Asheron's Call, unlimited capability to do whatever you want with skillpoints/template

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Play Vangaurd, customizable EVERYTHING, not to mention its being released in winter of 2006.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, changing your stats would be a contradiction "Anonymous" thats why he said it. So... What would you rather have people that are gear dependent or skill dependent? I'm guessing the frist choice.

Lest not forget that talents are completely cooky cutter and don't actually allow you to learn "new" special skills.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Your an idiot"

"And to everyone else who posts here, learn some fucking english."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all of that is simply because its a MMO, and to customize your character with just different stats makes a suprisingly little difference, i think you'd want to have a little balance in your stats anyway, cause if u go for full agi, youll die quickly etc. and as a rogue you'd probably just go for agi and stamina... again you wouldnt be unique since thats how the class is... talents... with 6million players i think you're bound to be alike, but its how u play that make u unique... how u play in pvp, some styles may seem similar and monotunous, but its all about in which order they do things... good and evil, theyd probably make it so if u regret the choice you can simply pay and go to evil/bad instead of having to start all over again. the quests are there to keep you busy... i wished they make it abit more interactiv too, id like to see cutscenes when doing even the low level quests. but since lvling gets slow, they just have to add quests and such... keep you busy and hopefully you wont notice how slow you actually are lvling since u JUST HAVE TO KILL ONE MORE MOB... to be honest, i wish some instances were soloable, and i dont mean doing some lowbie instances like deadmines at lvl 60... its annoying to have to find a guild, you might not get in, the people might be asses, or the guild just sucks... and also you depend on others to do their job... i hate depending on people, since some just die as a joke, or get the raid killed, or they do it by accident... how cool wouldnt it be to kill onyxia all by yourself without... kiting, although thats imposible with ony since shes in an instance... but hey, ive stopped caring so much about that, and started "exploring"... you have no idea how beautiful this game is untill you see some of the scenery:P. professions...what do you expect? customizable recipes? so that it costs 100000..etc. gold to make "the ultimate" item..? nah, id just go and wear greys instead of having to go through that kind of grind... btw on the quests... id like to see something like having to assassinate someone in the middle of the city... for example... you've gotten the mission to kill someone at the party at the inn, but since someone is bound to alert the guards u need to get him away from the crowd... do something like ask him to get some beer from the cellar, then kill him, but make it abit harder so that u have a certain amount of time get rid of his body, before someone notices how long he's been gone and, if unlcuky, finds u... you can loot his body, for his body, and recieve a debuff called "suspect" and u need to place the body somewhere which either they wont find, or for "a little somethin, somethin" tou can place evidence on the corpse or place the body itself somewhere...weird:P lets say all of that is one opportunity... one other can be as a rogue, u kill him and vanish... then u cant loot the body without the guards getting u(if the guards get u, quest failed, and u need to start over AFTER 10minutes:P), and u dont get something extra. you can go for trying to make a massacre, lock the door by either picklocking the door, or getting it from the bartender, by killing/pickpocket/threaten/trick him, charge in and kill the man, then u see the guys all around get the status of witness, and u need to dispose of the witnesses, here u can obviously not walk through the front door, and to add some action, the guards have heard all the ruckus youve made, and are trying to break down the door. and u need to get out of there some other way... or u can hide... for eksample, if youve talked to some of the people, u know there's a backroom which leads out of the place by clicking on one of the beer taps in the basement... or if uve talked to others, uve found out that the bartender trades with other inns, and u can hide in a box, till someone gets you, which is 10minutes... at the most or this quest will most likely be a waste of time:P... but since youve killed everyone there, theres no need to care about the cropse, and youve killed the people who the quest giver doesnt like... and u get a little somethin... else:P this quest would probably take as much space as 3 other quests... but hey, wouldnt it be fun?:P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For example this early-beta skillpoint system. It's not perfect, but Blizz should do something like this.

Limited, but real choices.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, after reading most of the reasons why WoW is a bad game, here's what I've established:
A Morrowind MMORPG would be the best game in the world. It's game file would be about 2 terabytes and you would need a $14000 server just to run the client.

I can't wait ^_^

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you Anonymous dude that typed that long thing about the assasing quest I think you have played Oblivion to much but yea its a good id

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree... it's kind of sad, when people who actually RP have a hard time doing it because of the likeness of everyone...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop complaining and make a better game

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldnt that kinda be taking from a game named Fable?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg can't believe what u said er there are difernt areas to do quest in so ur not stuck in the same zone also u can go to higher zones if u group up with ppl as for the guild thing er hello guilds are great can make friends and find out stuff that u didnt even know about like instances n things also u say ppl re ger dependnt er thats not true u can choose to wear cloth n armor and lether e.t.c all have diff stats also u can have a choise of 3 talent trees to put ur skills in so ppl can be vry difernt all i can say is that clearly u havnt played WOW for long enough to know this or prob have shares in some other game all i can say to you is b4 u post a coment Know what ur talking about!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with the post above

yes so true also can get diffent enchants, to enhance your gear so ppl can be very differnt

so all wow haters kiss this ( Y )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The holier-than-thou attitude from the WoW fanboys here is ridiculous. You can't accept someone bashing your shitty MMO so you resort to ad hominem attacks? Oh wow.

People, learn to fucking spell; This isn't a chat room.

Also, "LOL MAKE A BETTER GAME HURR DURR" comments are retarded. Not everyone has resources to make an MMO, not to mention how stupid the reasoning of "lol make something better if you don't like it" is.

Seriously, do you go out and make a 'better' movie whenever you see one you don't like?

Exactly, you don't. You still live in your mother's basement, so shut your whore mouth(s).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its all so true. Unlike what most mmoRPG's should give you, WoW does not. You get almost no power to amke a character "your own" and no customization. In the end, there is only one set of gear that gives you "max (insert damage,healing,hp,etc here)" and one set of talent points to give you max w/e that people want you to have. All classes are the same. Either you have better/worse gear than him. You are determined to do raids or PvP withno real sense of you contributing to the world

If you have ever played/tried EVE online, its THE MOST CREATIVE AND CUSTOMIZABLE GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN. You can do anything you want. You can become the most powerful player in the game simply be mining. You can lead armies/fleets. Be a bounty hunter. Serve you faction (and have it actualy count towards something, changing the world)...hell, even become an assassin. You can become powerful without even lifting a finger by playing the market right. the world is completely player driven and is all up to the player. Its an immensly complex game.
Its problem lies in its complexity... it is perhaps too complex and is not "noob friendly" as a simple game like WoW. If you were anything like EVE online... i would be rushing back to WoW in an instant. Pretty much EVE has almost none of these problems stated that WoW has.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw, if you were to pick your attribute addings and put them aal in agi, then your stamina (and other stats) would be VERY LOW and you would probably be one shotted or so pretty easily. Also, you can limit how many times in a row you can add to an attribute (lets say you can only add to agi for two levels straight, then you must add points to other attributes before you can do agi again)... just a thought to this one little detail.

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Anonymous Rawr said...

How is this game frequently grinding from point A to point B?

Last time I played we could go through caves with other people which was okay or battleground like Alterac Valley that were AWESOME.

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